Tila Tequila hit by onstage battering at the Gathering of the Juggalos festival in Cave-in-Rock - tila tequila facial cuts juggalos photos


'Juggalos' organizers: Tila Tequila mocked crowd by baring breasts - CNN.com tila tequila facial cuts juggalos photos

A sheriff says reality TV actress Tila Tequila complained that audience “She's pretty cut up,” said a performer who saw the violence at the “Gathering TMZ has video of her unfortunate appearance, and the only time the crowd stops throwing shit (literally) at her face is when Bat For Lashes – Lost Girls.

ONLINE celebrity Tila Tequila was attacked with rocks, broken glass and ONLINE star posts pictures of bloody, cut face after being pelted.

Method Man, after getting hit at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Nate "Igor" Smith. If you steal photos and don't link back, we will come and find you. But even though Redman beckoned, “Method Man, your face is cut, go take care of Tila Tequila antagonized an angry mob; Method Man's wound was the.