What We Can All Do at This Moment Is Vote | The New Yorker - vote my ass


Adam Schiff: Forget Trump impeachment and 'vote his ass out of office' - Business Insider vote my ass

I GOT MY ASS OUT TO VOTE!!! #Vote #MidtermElections # GetYourAssOutAndVote #JeniferLewis #TheMotherOfBlackHollywood # InTheseStreets.

Vote your ass off today. 8:39 AM - 6 Nov . Vote RED ——- vote for success —- vote republican . I'm Canadian but I'll vote in my heart ♥️.

Why it's too difficult for Kaycee to vote: “I wanted to vote in the 2016 election, but I often go an entire day with a golf ball in my anus because I know it'll help me.